Separate the sieve fraction from the mixture produced junk. Available with one or two networks and networks of varying permeability. The speed of rotation of the vibrator is controlled mechanically by a pair of eccentric masses or electric inverter. Made entirely of stainless steel parts in contact with the liquid.

The module consists of:
  • Support ground with or without wheels
  • Adjustable vibrating Group
  • Frame round with mud discharge side
  • Ring network with pre-tensioned
  • Any second round frame with mud discharge side
  • Any second ring with pre-tensioned network. Electric control panel, protection and control with keyboard touch human machine interface.
  • Optional: inverter for speed control and minimize consumption
Group static magnets
Available to be mounted to the discharge of the sieve. Type permanent magnets with high flux neodymium magnet cone or less performance but cheaper.

Permitted Uses
Treatment of mixtures of dough and glaze materials side
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