Allows the spray of the pieces in operator safety and the environment. Made entirely of stainless steel. IT has two rotors, one of which is occupied by the piece to be sprayed while the other supports the other, already glazed, left to dry.
The module consists of:

  • Group filtering water film
  • Group filter cascade
  • Group drops breaker
  • System pumping water filtration to the recovery
  • Group of pneumatic valves for activating water filters and switching on washing filters
  • Fan aspiring low-noise
  • Zone work with diffuser inlet air flow adjustment and fringes drops chicane to limit the intake of the enamel
  • Tank water recovery
  • Walker with wheel and belt drive for rotating work pieces
  • System of lighting from both sides to minimize shadows
  • Group tire designed to power the spray group (not included). electric control panel, protection and control with keyboard touch human machine interface. 
Zeroing weight
Recommended for handling parts, heavy (> 20 kg). Operation fully adjustable pneumatic dead weight. The provision includes a socket and forks with tines special aluminium walker.

Spray Kit
Consisting of manual spray gun leading brand and pump power enamel with stabilizer flow membrane.

Permitted Uses
Spatter ware or any piece with water-based glazes in a vacuum. Suitable pieces of small / medium.
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