Maintains suspension mixtures with a tendency to separate or settle. Made of stainless steel. The rotation speed is standard for the material maintained in suspension. The same applies to the type of blades that can be linear (for relatively homogeneous materials) or rakes (when there is strong variation of homogeneity and low level). May, on request be supplied without a tank, suitable for steel tanks or concrete.
The module consists of:
  • Stainless steel tank
  • System support on the ground or raised
  • Group of engine long life, suitable for intensive work h24
  • Covers with inspection doors
  • axis flanged blade holders into stainless steel
  • Steel blades with holes to reduce resistance
  • Safety switches
  • Exhaust vents with shutters (number and section on request)
  • electric control panel, protection and control with keyboard touch human machine interface.
  • Optional: inverter for speed control and minimize consumption
Load cells and pre-setting display
Recommended for tanks above ground needs weight and density control. Includes a weighing system with four cells and precision combined with viewer control Ultrasonic level to evaluate the volume.

Permitted Uses
Agitation mixtures with a tendency to settle.
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