It dissolves inhomogeneous mixtures of water and materials. Made of stainless steel. Maintains suspension mixtures with a tendency to separate or settle (two-speed model). The rotation speed is standard for the material to melt. Mount propellers of various kinds but preferably three-blade propellers. May, on request be supplied without a tank, suitable for steel or concrete tanks, equipped with seven rotation.
The module consists of:

  • Stainless steel bowl with breakwater
  • System support on the ground or raised
  • Group of engine long life, suitable for intensive work h24
  • Covers with inspection doors
  • Helix into stainless steel three-blade marine type
  • Safety switches on lids
  • Exhaust vents with shutters (number and section on request). electric control panel, protection and control with keyboard touch human machine interface.
  • Optional: inverter for speed control and minimize consumption
Load cells and pre-setting display
Recommended for above ground pools with weight control needs. Includes a weighing system with four cells and precision viewer to load the desired mixture. The provision also includes the viewer with the pre-setting of the weight, also useful for determining the fluidity of water.

Permitted Uses
Melting mixtures with a tendency to settle.
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