These machines are used for casting toilets and bidets. The machine is realized by coupling form 32+32 to 40+40 seats on line. Coupling can take place either in length or width. If you plan to apply a dryer, you should create a series of machines coupled in length. It allows also to reuse demoulder device, if provided. The moulds are closed by the machine horizontally and vertically by bracing.
  • The module consists of:
  • Support benches moulds fixed seats on line with two fixed push heads and track for sliding bogies;
  • Two movable units equipped with a release system from fixing on the bench;
  • Two hydraulic pressure units, mounted on the moving heads, each consisting of four cylinders with the oscillating head adaptive and relative pressurization pump. The average pressure of closing on the four points is usually 40 bar;
  • Truck for the furniture in equal in number to moulds assembled;
  • Manual system for lifting bride, with wire ropes and counter weights;
  • Casting plant using PVC pipes, supply and distribution valves, stainless steel tank and accessories to use (taps, probes etc.).
  • Discharge plant with side channel/s blowers and adjustable pressure relief valve/s.
  • Electrical system with switchboard, protection and control casting cycle.
  • All safety devices provided by the most stringent existing standards and manuals on.
Deposit bench
Normally Not expected, because you generally use trucks to deposit pieces. Available on request. At front execution, in one or double floor, the latter for systems with dryer. In this last case it is to predict a easy roller change plan pneumatic. Featuring with slipping plans and heat distribution pipes (on request). Normally it is possible to use deposit bench.

Dryer (see overview)
The dryer is available on request, can be placed on the machine to achieve a double casting daily. Includes the distribution system under the deposit bench, if provided.

Permitted Uses
Casting of WC and bidets with foot or suspended, recommended for medium / small pieces with modest quality requirements.
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