Each machine can be equipped with a dryer to realize one or more casting daily (depending of plaster used and environment condition) Even if it is different in dimension size, relating to the machine.

Dryer is generally composed by:
  • General support structure into steel;
  • Two terminal sizes (orthogonal to the machine’s axis) and fixed on the roof, realized with panelling into metal/polyure thane thermally insulators.
  • Two moving sides, parallel to the machines, made with curtains which blinds electrically on rollers. The curtains are made of PVC heat resistant and anti-aging;
  • Heat generator at indirect flame completes with fan/s at double aspiration and blade forwards at high efficiency; combustion chamber and smoke/air exchanger into stainless steel, air blown burner and ramp according to normative;
  • Pipes for hot air distribution (movable, in same case, avoiding inconvenience to the operator) with appropriately positioned nozzles;
  • Pipes and fans for the extraction and recycling wet air.
  • Roll-us shutter system with electric or pneumatic controls to manage air flows directing them as the program requires. Internal fans (always used for WC and tanks, optional for other) to promote the ventilation of particular parts of the mould which are difficult to reach from the general air flow.
  • Switchboard which manages and control the generator realizing cycles thermo-hygrometer set.
Options: heat recovery
Si può prevedere di recuperare il calore da altre fonti disponibili, by-passando il generatore, che rimane come emergenza od escludendolo del tutto. In tal caso deve essere disponibile la portata d’aria richiesta ad almeno 70/80°C. L’essiccatoio non può lavorare con fumi di combustione per problemi di aggressione ai componenti, quindi l’aria fornita deve essere aria calda pulita ( proveniente da scambiatore o da raffreddamento pezzi ecc.) Si può prevedere anche il recupero dell’aria esausta dall’essiccatoio, dopo le prime ore, in cui è carica di umidità, per utilizzi in cui sia sufficiente aria a 40/50°C quali riscaldamento ambienti, essendo l’aria processata pulita e priva di inquinanti. Si può prevedere infine l’utilizzo del generatore indipendentemente dall’essiccatoio per produrre calore da utilizzare nei tempi morti dello stesso.

It is possible to recover the hear from other available sources, by-passing the generator which remains as emergency or even excluding it. However, it must be available hot air "clean" (without harsh chemicals) to the thermal conditions (at least 70/80 ° C) and air flow requirements. The dryer may not work with the flue gas agents. It is also possible to recover the air from the dryer, after waiting the first hours in which is very humid, you can use it where you need air at 40/50°C, for instance to warm the environnement, being cleaned air without pollution. You can use the generator which is independent from the dryer, to produce hot air to use. (Heat the room during breaks drying).
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