The machine is made by laminating double-sided from 32+32 to 40+40 seats. The coupling can be either in length or width. If you plan to apply a dryer, you should create a set of coupled machines in length. For economy, the coupling length allows you to reuse the demoulders at multiple benches, conveniently staggered casting times. The moulds are closed horizontally and vertically by bracing.

The module consists of:

  • Supporting bench mould tilted hydraulically
  • System of lower frames for supporting the mould on the lower bench
  • Demoulder to bride pistons with manual handling facilitated by counterweights
  • Demoulder for pieces automatic type with electric motors and actuators driven by an inverter (LEM) allows the extraction and rotation of the mould
  • Casting plant using PVC piping, valves and power distribution layer stainless steel tanks and accessories for use (taps, probes etc.).
  • Empty plant with side channel blowers and adjustable pressure valve.
  • Electric control panel, protection and control cycle casting.
Deposit Bench
Equipped with plans sliding wear and heat distribution pipes (on request).

Dryers (see overview)
The dryer is available upon request, can be mounted on the machine to make a daily double casting. Includes the distribution system under the deposit bench.

Permitted Uses
Casting of toilets and bidets with foot or suspended, after the preparation of moulds. Recommended for parts through small / medium with low quality requirements, being able to have marked strain on the front of the rim.

Leaching on the foot, the rim becomes the seat of every deposit of silicon or deformation. The pieces must be fitted with internal magnets having to replace the piston clamp placed at the top
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